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Here at Radanks, we are always trying to find new ways in which to help better the living standards of our benefactors. Every, penny spent by you on our products or services, is used to bring back that very bit much of happiness to you. we take pride in being different from other businesses in the way that we deal with our customers. to us our customers are more than just a source of money.

We ensure that.


Our Company

Our Aim

Means Happiness for All

Our Vision

Is to bring You Happiness with a Smile to Ensure Satisfaction

Our Company

Provides Consultancy Services, Sell Products of Utility, Design Customised Products and Offer Bespoke Solutions.

How We’re Different

Is the way in which we conduct Business aiming not Only for Money.
But, Your Smile is our Profit and we like to further Share our Profits.




Should you feel the need to reach out for a helping hand in your home land for any legal concerns that may cross your mind while you sleep at night, contact Radanks Legal International. It is our passion to take up your case and keep you stress free while you enjoy that desi chai! Our teams and associates consist of well qualified and efficient lawyers that have been hand-picked due to their good success rates. Follow the link for further information and to book a consultation.
Do you have a dispute that has taken your day and night by snatching your peace of mind? Do you think that going to court may end up costing you more than just money from your pocket? Did you know that our International Accredited Mediators can handle and possibly help resolve most disputes without the extreme costs of going to the court? That too within a reduced timeframe. Visit our dedicated page to find out more about our panel of Accredited Mediators.
Sometimes, you may feel like you have hit rock bottom which can leave you feeling stressed as if everything is over. Never Give Up! That is the motto that our Motivational Speakers live by. You will find our helping hand lift your spirits no matter where the waters lie. We will strive to ensure that you overcome your hurdles and rebuild your confidence to climb that rock you were once shadowed by. This is because at Radanks we believe in success by remembering that all mountains can be climbed. Visit our dedicated page for more information.
Our associate Viper Living are offering discounted Web Development for all associates Radanks that are need of Web Developing services. There are many packages on offer that range from simple profile page like websites to extended bespoke database managements systems. One of the key features about undertaking a service through Viper Living is that at a nominal recurring fee, they will be more than happy to undertake, launch and maintain your projects by providing solutions for Websites, Application Development and Graphic Design. Please visit the official Viper Living Page here.


Radanks Team

Founder of RADANKS LTD UK. Motivational Speaker. I believe, a ray of happiness can be found even in the stormiest weather. You must aim for the target and focus on the final Goal. Nothing can stop you once you start. Treasure the even the small successes. I aim to help FIGHT DEPRESSION & RISE ABOVE FAILURE and ACHIEVE SUCCESS. The confidence and rigidness to achieve the dream must never fade from one and giving that motivation is my goal. I help create a positive space that then helps people deal with their work related stress and therefore increasing their productivity.

For further details and information on the services that are provided by Dr. Raj Please follow the link.


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